Best IVF Clinics In The World

What is the best IVF clinic?

Many patients ask what is “the best IVF clinic” but they struggle to find an answer. Choosing an IVF clinic can be a difficult decision as a clinic which may be good for one patient won’t necessary be good for the next. 

That leads us to ask the questions… what is the best IVF clinic and how do we describe the best IVF clinic? 

Maybe it is the one where somebody else has had a successful treatment? Maybe it also depends on the treatment type – egg donation, IVF with own eggs or IVF with PGD?

Or maybe it’s the one with positive feedback from patients, the best reviews, offering an outstanding customer-centered approach and performing outstanding treatments in their field.

As a patient you need to know that successful treatment may depend on many factors including the patient’s individual situation including their diagnosis, medical background and treatment history. There are many great, well experienced IVF clinics across the world – but guess what… they also have patients who do not have successful IVF cycles. It doesn’t mean they are “bad clinics”. In some circumstances the treatment might be very difficult and the prognosis for the patient may not be good. 

The “Best IVF clinic” will inform you of the likely success of any treatment and whether there is a possibility that you will require more than one IVF cycle.

A great fertility clinic isn’t just one that can give you effective treatment, it’s one with compassionate staff, clear pricing, seamless administrative processes and exceptional emotional support. Find out more about how to choose a clinic, preparing for your appointment and what to do if something goes wrong.

What are the best IVF clinics in Africa?

Below you’ll find a list of clinics which are often chosen by patients across the world for their IVF treatment in Africa. Those are well established IVF centers, with good reputations, backed up by experienced medical and customer service staff and they have expertise working with international patients. As we don’t want to solely rely on our own data, we have put together a list of the IVF clinics based on the Google Business Reviews. So, if you’re looking for the “best IVF clinic in Europe” the chart below provides a good starting point.

The list of clinics below will make it easier for you to navigate through the world of best IVF clinics. We publish the clinic name, country, average rating, the number of reviews, and an example of a review published by a patient.

Based on Google Busniess Reviews and Ranking

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